Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee
Tuesday, 15th January, 2019 4.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Hanbury Road, Pontypool, NP4 6YB

Contact: Rachel Beale  Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services)

No. Item


Attendance and Apologies/ Presenoldeb ac Ymddiheuriadau


1.1       Apologies were received from Councillor Jason O’Connell. 


Declarations of interest/Datganiadau o fudd


2.1       The Chief Legal Officer reminded Members that they needed to complete the declaration of interest form in the attendance register folder if they were declaring an interest in any application.


2.2       The following interests were declared:

  • Councillor Stuart Ashley declared a personal interest in agenda item 5 as a Member of Cwmbran Community Council who had been consulted on the application.
  • Councillor Fay Jones declared a personal interest in agenda item 5 as a Member of Cwmbran Community Council who had been consulted on the application.
  • Councillor Norma Parrish declared a personal interest in agenda item 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the application.
  • Councillor Gaynor James declared a personal interest in agenda item 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the application.
  • Councillor Richard Overton declared a personal interest in agenda item 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the application.


Minutes of Planning Committee - 11/12/2018 / Cofnodion Pwyllgor Cynllunio - 11/12/2018 pdf icon PDF 579 KB


3.1       Members agreed that the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 11th December 2018 be confirmed as a correct record.


Planning Appeal - Apêl Cynllunio pdf icon PDF 424 KB

Proposed garage conversion to living space at 18 Hanbury Grove, Pontypool.


Trawsnewid arfaethedig garej i fod yn ofod byw yn 18 Hanbury Grove, Pont-y-p?l.



4.1       Members agreed to note the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate.


Planning Application - 18/P/0654/FUL / Cais Cynllinio - 18/P/0654/FUL pdf icon PDF 513 KB

Demolition of existing school building and construction of 17 affordable homes with associated public open space, drainage, infrastructure and highways works at land At Blenheim Primary School, Blenheim Road, St Dials, Cwmbran.


Dymchwel adeiladau'r ysgol ac adeiladu 17 o dai fforddiadwy â mannau agored cyhoeddus, ynghyd â'r draeniau, seilwaith a gwaith priffyrdd ar dir Ysgol Gynradd Blenheim, Blenheim Road, Sain Derfel, Cwmbrân.



5.1       The Senior Planner displayed photos and plans and made the following comments:


  • The application was for 17 residential units, consisting of 8 one bedroom flats, 7 two bedroom terrace dwellings and 2 three bedroom terrace dwellings.
  • The former school building would be demolished and the dwellings would be situated roughly on the same footprint.
  • A new replacement primary school had already been developed to the south of the site.
  • The proposal included 32 off street parking spaces.
  • The existing belt of mature trees would be retained.
  • The proposal would provide a bespoke equipped children’s play area.
  • The scheme would provide 100% affordable housing as the applicant was Melin, a Registered Social Landlord.
  • Officers had negotiated with the applicant a contribution of £34,540 for Torfaen Council Officers to design and build the children’s play area which would consist of one high specification piece of equipment and two smaller pieces.
  • In addition Officers had also secured costs to fulfil the access route through the site and for the maintenance of the play area.
  • Negotiations were ongoing in relation to the Section 106 Agreement and there could be further conditions to be added to the application.


5.2         In response to Member questions the following responses were given by Officers:

  • The applicant had agreed to pay a sum of £44,000 to Torfaen Council to maintain the trees and open space within the application site.
  • The equipped children’s play area would be designed and maintained by Torfaen Council Officers, and would remain in the Council’s ownership.
  • Fields in Trust did raise concerns regarding the lack of natural surveillance on the site which they felt could encourage anti-social behaviour, however the application proposed to introduce a Public Right of Way through the site which would link to the school which would be used regularly and would hopefully discourage any anti-social behaviour. 
  • There was currently an under provision of play areas in the locality, however if any developments came forward in the future or any grant funding, the money could be spent to enhance the proposed play area and provide additional equipment.
  • The comments regarding the gates being self-closing and lockable was an advice note from the Police Liaison Architectural Officer, as the units were for social housing, the properties need to adhere to secured by design guidelines.

5.3       Members unanimously agreed that upon completion of an Agreement under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act concerning the matters referred to in the report, the Head of Development Management to be authorised to grant permission subject to the conditions laid out in the report or any amendments, additions or deletions of the conditions he may deem necessary.


Planning Application - 18/P/0794/HH / Cais Cynllinio - 18/P/0794/HH pdf icon PDF 148 KB

First Floor Rear extension at 23 Larch Close, New Inn, Pontypool.


Estyniad Llawr Cyntaf yn 23 Larch Close, Y Dafarn Newydd, Pont-y-p?l.



6.1       The Planner displayed photos and plans and stated that the proposal was for a first floor rear extension above the existing ground floor extension of a residential property, situated within the urban boundary.


6.2       Members unanimously agreed to approve the application subject to the conditions laid out in the report.


Planning Application - 18/P/0829/CND / Cais Cynllinio - 18/P/0829/CND pdf icon PDF 235 KB

Discharge of condition 8 of planning consent 18/P/0129/FUL (south eastern boundary treatments) at Plot C2 And C3, Llantarnam Industrial Park, Cwmbran.


Diddymu amod 8 caniatâd cynllunio 18/P/0129/FUL (triniaethau i’r ffin de orllewinol) yn Rhandiroedd C2 a C3, Parc Diwydiannol Llantarnam, Cwmbrân.



7.1       The Principal Planner introduced the application showing photos and plans and made the following comments:


  • Members would recall that Planning Committee resolved to approve the full planning application for the Police Headquarters subject to a Section 106 Agreement in September.
  • At the time it was presented to committee there had been no agreement regarding the boundary treatment.  There were difficulties resolving the issue as the site was in close proximity to a listed building and there were high security requirements for the development. However since then Officers had been working with the applicants/agents to get a mutual solution.
  • The proposal was for a stone clad retaining wall with a security fence fixed to the front.
  • The fence would be approximately 2.4m high and would be an anti-climb fence. The maximum combined height of the wall and the fence would range from around 2.6m to 3.1m.
  • The vehicular access gate and pedestrian turnstile would have approximately 2.4m high stone pillars either side of them.
  • Trailing Rosemary would be planted to trail over the fence to soften the impact.


7.2       Members asked a series of questions and the following replies were given by Officers:


  • The fence would be a mid-grey colour.
  • The retaining wall would be constructed from high quality stone and the fence would have trailing rosemary.
  • There had to be a balance between the security for the police and the visual impact.
  • Members had accepted the principal of the fence in the original planning consent, visually the proposal was not the optimum solution however it was vital to provide the appropriate level of security.
  • The Council’s Conservation Officer had been consulted and had deemed the proposal acceptable as it would be to the rear of the site. The front of the site which was more prominent would remain open.
  • The materials used for both the fence and wall would be of a high quality.
  • The Council’s Landscape Officer had looked at the application and did not raise any issue regarding the fence or trailing rosemary being obstructive to the footway.
  • Officers had sought to get the best balance between the visual impact and the security aspect and felt the proposal was the best option.
  • It was understood that trailing rosemary was an evergreen.
  • Officers had worked hard with the Police and the proposal was the best that could be achieved.

7.3       A group of Members made the following comments:


  • The proposed security fence and wall was out of character for the area and was visually intrusive.
  • The security needs of the police were appreciated however there were caveats regarding the visual impact.
  • It was a very bleak design which the current Police Headquarters building did not have. 
  • It would be very prominent in the area.


7.4       A further group of Members made the following comments:


  • The trailing rosemary would provide a good cover on the fence.
  • The security of the police was paramount.
  • It would be difficult to get a better designed security fence.


7.5       Members agreed to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.