Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee
Tuesday, 21st May, 2019 4.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Hanbury Road, Pontypool, NP4 6YB

Contact: Rachel Beale  Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services)

No. Item


Attendance and Apologies/ Presenoldeb ac Ymddiheuriadau


1.1       Apologies were received from Councillor Louise Shepphard.


Declarations of interest/Datganiadau o fudd


2.1       The Principal Solicitor reminded Members that they needed to complete the declaration of interest form in the attendance register folder if they were declaring an interest in any application.  


2.2       The following interests were declared:


·         Councillor Gaynor James declared a personal interest in agenda items 4, 5 and 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the applications.

·         Councillor Richard Overton declared a personal interest in agenda items 4, 5 and 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the applications.

·         Councillor Norma Parrish declared a personal interest in agenda items 4, 5 and 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the applications.

·         Councillor Ron Burnett declared a personal and prejudicial interest in agenda item 6 as a close family member had a business in Griffithstown and he felt that the proposal would be detrimental to the businesses in Griffithstown.

·         Councillor Veronica Crick declared a personal interest in agenda item 7 as a Member of Croesyceiliog and Llanyrafon Community Council who had been consulted on the application. Councillor Veronica Crick declared a further prejudicial interest in agenda item 7 as she was the ward member and had made comments regarding the proposal.


Minutes of Planning Committee - 16/04/2019 / Cofnodion Pwyllgor Cynllunio - 16/04/2019 pdf icon PDF 471 KB


3.1       Members agreed that the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 16th April 2019 be confirmed as a correct record.


Planning Application - 14/P/00678 / Cais Cynllinio - 14/P/00678 pdf icon PDF 322 KB

Re-plan of plots 59 to 62 and plots 83 to 85 to include 2 additional dwellings at Penygarn Heights, Penygarn Road, Trevethin, Pontypool.


Ail-gynllunio lleiniau 59 i 62 a lleiniau 83 i 85 i gynnwys dau d? annedd ychwanegol yn Penygarn Heights, Penygarn Road, Trefddyn, Pont-y-p?l.


4.1       The Principal Planner displayed maps of the site and made the following comments:


·         The original consent for the development on Penygarn Heights was approved in 2013 subject to a Section 106 Agreement.

·         The current application, for a re-plan of two sections of the original site, was originally considered by Committee in 2015 where there was resolution to the application subject to a Section 106 Agreement. However there had been delays in signing the agreement and a decision has never been issued. Therefore, given the delay, Committee had to re-look at the proposal.

·         The re-plan is to vary the number and type of houses from 7 four bedroom properties to 9 properties consisting of 1 four bedroom property and 8 three bedroom semi-detached properties. The dwellings have already been constructed and were occupied.

·         The Section 106 contribution had been agreed at £15,391 with £12,103 being used for affordable housing, £1,016 for children’s play and £2,272 for adult recreation.


4.2       In response to Member questions, Officers gave the following replies:

·         Planning consent for the site was granted in 2013, during the course of construction Barratts decided that they wanted to change the house type on the two specific sections of the site. The houses had been built and sold before planning consent had been granted.

·         Parking was provided for the two additional properties on the site and it met parking standard requirements.

·         There were some discussions initially in relation to the Section 106 Agreement, however it was delayed by ongoing issues in another part of the site regarding drainage ditch which had been built and was hampering the introduction of the larger play area on the site. Officers had been trying to resolve the issue with Barratts however negotiations had been delayed.

·         The legal searches carried out by Solicitors prior to the purchase of a property should have identified that the properties did not have planning permission.

·         The Local Plan Team had worked out the level of Section 106 contributions which was satisfactory for the site, there would be no repercussions or extra money required as a result of the delay in signing the agreement. 


4.3         Members unanimously agreed upon completion of an undertaking under Section 106 of Town and Country Planning Act concerning the matters referred to in the report, the Head of Planning and Development be authorised to grant permission subject to the conditions laid out in the report or any amendments, additions or deletion of those conditions that he may deem necessary.



Planning Application - 16/P/00018 / Cais Cynllinio - 16/P/00018 pdf icon PDF 746 KB

Residential development comprising 34 houses and associated road access points and infrastructure at Former Pontypool Hospital Site, Hospital Road, Pontnewynydd, Pontypool.


Datblygiad preswyl yn cynnwys 34 o dai a phwyntiau mynediad ffordd a seilwaith cysylltiedig ar Hen Safle Ysbyty Pont-y-p?l, Hospital Road, Pontnewynydd, Pont-y-p?l.


5.1       The Chair informed Committee that agenda item 5 had been deferred to allow for a Member Site Inspection to be carried out at the request of the Ward Member.


Planning Application - 18/P/0560/FUL / Cais Cynllinio - 18/P/0560/FUL pdf icon PDF 343 KB

Erection of a Class A1 foodstore (approximately 1,804 sqm gross floor area), associated access and car parking, landscaping, together with a replacement car park for the existing industrial building at Former Trico, Skewfields Roundabout, Pontypool.


Adeiladu siop fwyd Dosbarth A1 (oddeutu 1,804 medr sgwâr gros o arwynebedd llawr), mynediad a maes parcio cysylltiedig, tirlunio, ynghyd â maes parcio newydd ar gyfer yr adeilad diwydiannol presennol yn yr Hen Trico, Cylchfan Skewfields, Pont-y-p?l.

Additional documents:


6.1       The Senior Planner showed photos of the flood modelling carried out and highlighted the following points:


·         Since the agenda had been published Officers had received the Flood Consequence Assessment. Suggested condition 1 would need to be amended to include the document.

·         Members would be aware of correspondence sent via email from West Mon Rugby Club on 19 May setting out their expectations in terms of contributions associated with the development and subsequently Aldi’s reply via email.

·         Since the application was presented to Committee in December 2018, there had been no change to the layout of the scheme, however the proposal would be undertaken in two phases with the replacement car park being constructed prior to the construction of the store and a new phasing plan had been submitted to illustrate the change.

·         Modelling had been undertaken which confirmed that in the event of a canal breach, the site would flood. To address the flood risk concerns the store levels would be raised by 150mm and the Applicant was proposing a non-evacuation plan and in the event of a flood the customers would be kept in the store until the emergency services attended.

·         The Section 106 contributions would provide money towards canal strengthening. The Canal and River Trust were satisfied with the flood modelling undertaken and the offer from the Applicants to strengthen the Canal and they were no longer objecting to the proposal.


6.2         In response to questions and concerns raised by Members, Officers gave the following replies :

·           Officers were not able to require Aldi to provide a new access to the Rugby Club, there were strict tests for Section 106 obligations which had to be necessary, directly related, fair and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development. Access for the Rugby Club was not offered by Aldi as part of the section 106 agreement and it would not be appropriate to ask for it under planning.

·           The Community Transport contribution offered by Aldi would meet the obligation test, however very little could be achieved with the £25,000 being offered. Officers could not accept the money if it could not be used in relation to community transport, the money could not be redirected to the Rugby Club as it did not meet the obligation tests. 

·         The Planning Officers recommendation when the application was presented to Committee in December 2018 was for refusal and Officers still held that recommendation, however Members had resolved to approve the application and the current report provided suggested conditions and Section 106 Heads of Terms for consideration as requested by Members.

·         The Section 106 contributions that met the test and could be accepted were a £30,000 contribution to the canal and embankment repairs and improvements to mitigate the flood risk to the site; and the construction of a new 3m wide shared cycleway/footpath to an adoptable standard to link the site to the existing canal towpath/footpath network.           

·         Community transport was not considered to be the most appropriate form of bus transport to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Planning Application - 18/P/0781/FUL / Cais Cynllinio - 18/P/0781/FUL pdf icon PDF 148 KB

Extension of existing building to facilitate more seating and storage area at Football Pitch, Woodland Road, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran.


Ymestyn adeilad presennol i hwyluso mwy o seddau a man storio ar y Cae Pêl Droed, Woodland Road, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbrân.

Additional documents:


7.1       The Planner displayed photos and plans and made the following comments:


·         The proposal was for the extension of the existing facilities at the football club.

·         The application had been made to allow for the club to progress through the divisions in the Welsh Football Association.

·         There were a number of requirements that the Club had to meet to progress, including the capacity of seating.

·         The existing facility would be extended by 10.5m either side which would increase the length by 197 %, not 97% as stated in the report.

·         Currently there were a number of unauthorised storage containers on site which would be removed as part of the application, as the proposed new facility would have internal storage.

7.2       In response to Members questions and concerns regarding car parking and access for emergency vehicles the Group Leader Transportation and Highway Development gave the following answers:


·         There had previously been issues at the site with people driving down the cycleway to access the Club’s Playing Fields, however a bollard had been installed to prevent it from happening in the future. 

·         Car parking was a problem when tournaments were being played, however the situation only occurred for a short period when the matches were being played and was usually only on Saturdays. The playing field were in a good location for the community to access.

·         The existing situation for emergency service vehicles was if they needed to get to a location they would do so and had equipment to quickly deal with obstructions.

7.3       Planning Officers gave the following replies to questions asked by Members:


·         As part of the Football Club’s lease agreement they had permission for three vehicles to access the site via the cycleway to take provisions to the site and it would also be used by emergency vehicles. There was bollard in place to prevent unauthorised access and the Football Club, Woodland Road Social Club and the Council each had a key.

·         There was a condition attached to the application to limit the usage of the site.

·         There was no evidence of the Football Club encroaching in to the School Ground.

·         The Football Club did request 5 vehicle spaces on their original planning application, however a revision was submitted to request 3 spaces in line with their lease agreement.

·         The memorial trees would not be affected by the proposal and were outside of the development area. 

·         The bollards were installed following concerns that there were more than 3 cars parking on the site, the Club had advised Officers that they only permitted 3 vehicles access to the site in line with their lease. If there was evidence of more than 3 cars on the site the issue would need to be taken up with Neighbourhood Services as the club would be in breach of their lease.

·         Part of the reason for the submission of the planning application was to regularise the situation on site, the Club currently did not have sufficient storage for the facility they provided in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.