Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee
Tuesday, 12th November, 2019 4.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Hanbury Road, Pontypool, NP4 6YB

Contact: Rachel Beale  Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services)

No. Item


Attendance and Apologies/ Presenoldeb ac Ymddiheuriadau


1.1       Apologies were received from Councillor Louise Shepphard.


Declarations of interest/Datganiadau o fudd


2.1       The Principal Solicitor reminded Members that they needed to complete the declaration of interest form in the attendance register folder if they were declaring an interest in any application.


2.2       The following interests were declared:

·         Councillor Gaynor James declared a personal interest in agenda item 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the application.

·         Councillor Norma Parrish declared a personal interest in agenda item 6 as a Member of Pontypool Community Council who had been consulted on the application.

·         Councillor Veronica Crick declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 6 as a Council appointed Board Member at Bron Afon Community Housing.

·         Councillor Stuart Ashley declared a personal interest in agenda item 7 as a Member of Cwmbran Community Council who had been consulted on the application.

·         Councillor Fay Jones declared a personal interest in agenda item 7 as a Member of Cwmbran Community Council who had been consulted on the application.


2.3       Following Members declarations of interest, the Head of Planning and Development declared an interest in agenda item 6 and would leave the room when the item was discussed as someone he knew personally lived in close proximity to the application site.



Minutes of Planning Committee - 15/10/2019 / Cofnodion Pwyllgor Cynllunio - 15/10/2019 pdf icon PDF 420 KB


3.1       Members agreed that the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 15th October 2019 be confirmed as a correct record.


Planning Appeal - 18/P/0417/FUL / Apêl Cynllunio - 18/P/0417/FUL pdf icon PDF 191 KB

Crushing and grading of demolition waste at The Old Foundry Yard, Rockhill Road, Pontymoile, Pontypool, NP4 8AN.


Gwasgu a graddio gwastraff gwaith dymchwel yn The Old Foundry Yard, Rockhill Road, Pontymoile, Pont-y-p?l, NP4 8AN.



4.1       Members agreed to note the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate.


Planning Appeal - 19/P/0374/HH / Apêl Cynllunio - 19/P/0374/HH pdf icon PDF 39 KB

Proposed two storey side house extension to form annex to be used only for accommodation incidental to the main dwelling house at 24 Tydies, Coed Eva, Cwmbran, NP44 4TL.


Estyniaddau lawr arfaethedig ar ochr t? i ffurfio anecs i’w ddefnyddio yn unig ar gyfer llety achlysurol i’r prif d? annedd yn 24 Tydies, Coed Efa, Cwmbrân, NP44 4TL.


5.1       Members agreed to note the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate.


Planning Application - 19/P/0177/FUL / Cais Cynllunio - 19/P/0177/FUL pdf icon PDF 150 KB

Construction of a drainage pumping station with security fence, serving the residential development at Trem Sant Cadog, Mount Road.


Adeiladugorsaf bwmpio draeniad gyda ffens diogelwch, yn gwasanaethu’r datblygiad preswyl yn Nhrem Sant Cadog, Mount Road.


6.1       The Team Leader (Applications) showed Members photos and plans and made the following comments:

·         The application site was an area of open space which was opposite the site which was granted planning permission in 2014 for the erection of 6 dwellings which have since been built.

·         The drainage for the properties required a pumping station outside of the application site.

·         The pumping station was to serve the occupied dwellings and was secured by heras and palisade fencing.

·         It was proposed to change the design of the fencing to a weld mesh green colour fence to make it in more in keeping with the area.

·         It was proposed to form a landscaping area around the compound.

·         There was a vehicular hardstanding within the compound which was required by Welsh Water to maintain access at all times to the pumping station.

·         In addition to the conditions laid out in the report it was proposed to add a further condition requiring the area outside the compound to be seeded or turfed by 30 April 2020 which was in addition to the requirement of tree planting.

·         The planning application had been subject to detailed negotiations between Bron Afon and Welsh Water and Planning Officers considered the scheme with the change of the fencing and additional screening to be acceptable.


6.2       In response to a Member question the Team Leader (Applications) informed Members that Bron Afon would be responsible for maintaining the trees and shrubs and a condition was attached to the application to ensure that any trees or plants which within a period of 5 years of planning permission being granted die, or are removed or damaged shall be replaced in the next planting season with similar size and species. Officers had also advised Bron Afon on what species of trees and planting would be required as per the landscaping scheme.          


6.3       Members unanimously agreed to approve the application subject to the conditions laid out in the report and the additional condition outlined during the meeting.                  


Planning Application - 19/P/0548/FUL / Cais Cynllunio - 19/P/0548/FUL pdf icon PDF 177 KB

Change of use to Sui Generis - Use of the property ( to be managed by Monmouthshire County Council) for temporary accommodation for individuals under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 (maximum of 4 people to reside at the property at one time) at 3 Hanbury Close, Northville, Cwmbran, NP44 1NG.


Newid defnydd i Sui Generis – Defnyddio eiddo (i’w reoli gan Gyngor Sir Fynwy) ar gyfer llety dros dro dan Ddeddf Dai (Cymru) 2014 (4 o bobl ar y mwyaf i fyw yn yr eiddo ar unrhyw adeg) yn 3 Hanbury Close, Northville, Cwmbrân, NP44 1NG.



7.1       The Planner displayed photos and plans and highlighted the following points:

·         The application was for the change of use from single dwelling use to a house for up to four people to reside at one time.

·         The property would be used for homeless individuals as emergency accommodation on a temporary basis.

·         Internal works would be required to enable the property to have four bedrooms, living accommodation, fire doors, CCTV and a communal area.

·         The property would be managed daily by Monmouthshire County Council.

·         There was no designated parking for the property however there was a communal car park at the end of the road.

·         Due to the nature of the proposal the impact on the highway and parking would likely be less than if the property was used as a family home.

·         The property would remain for residential use in a residential area however would be on a shorter time frame with a higher turnover.

·         The property was situated near the town centre and transport links.


7.2       A group of Members made the following comments:


·         There were a number of objections listed in the report in relation to the lack of parking, however the accommodation was for homeless individuals who would not own cars.

·         Homelessness was a big problem and the application should be supported.

·         It was nice to see accommodation being made available for homeless people.

·         It was disappointing to see that two objections within the report were from councillors.

·         Members should be supporting the application which would prevent people having to live on the streets.

·         It was irrelevant to where the people who were going to be placed in the property came from.

·         The property would be monitored and also had CCTV.

·         It was not the remit of the Planning Committee to decide who was placed in the property, it should not be refused because the people would be coming from the Monmouthshire area. 

·         The proposal was a great idea however more of them were needed for Torfaen homeless people.


7.3       A further group of Members made the following comments:

·         The property was a small house in an area of family housing and was not suitable for this type of accommodation and the residents in the area had concerns.

·         Some homeless people had cars and jobs but nowhere to live.

·         Members felt uncomfortable that homeless people from Monmouthshire were being provided with accommodation when there were Torfaen homeless people living in tents in Cwmbran.


7.4       Officers gave the following replies to questions and comments raised by Members:

·         The proposal would likely generate less cars than a single household due to the nature of the tenants and it was only temporary accommodation.

·         Officers appreciated concerns that the people who would be residing in the property would be from the Monmouthshire area and it would be Monmouthshire County Council who would be managing it, however the location of the people to be placed at the property and who managed it was not a planning matter.

·         A similar proposal was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.